Free trials, proofing & remaking ebooks

Rules when making updates

Free trials, proofing & remaking ebooks
Remake the same book an unlimited amount of times but there are some restrictions.

After the initial purchase and processing on an eBook with CircularFLO you are then able then make unlimited updates to your eBook without charge.

In order to protect this from misuse there are some restrictions in place:

  • Files need to remain together with the original InDesign book
  • Individual files can only have 10% more pages added.
  • Files need to be the original ones used with the original book. They can be modified and saved but not ‘saved as’ into new documents.
  • New files can NOT be added to an existing book
  • Files within a book can be updated and new pages added or removed
  • Files can be removed from a book

If you are having genuine difficulties remaking a pre-purchased book then please contact us.

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Free trials, proofing & remaking ebooks