no-code Accessibility for InDesign.


"Despite being widely used by publishers or all sizes as the industry standard page layout tool for PDF and print production, InDesign is found to be not fit for purpose for those wanting to publish accessible EPUB publications…"
Ken Jones
Director of Circular Software

tools, checks and exports to help InDesign users prepare more accessible files.

Extra A11y for InDesign

All our software has built-in support for adding rich accessibility to your InDesign exports. Include sections and reading order, bulk image descriptions and accessibility metadata.

Unique tools

Our unique, free, no-code tools are there to help InDesign users to #InDesignBetter by analysing colour contrast, export tags, heading hierarchy and typography.

Custom accessibility checks

Choose from up-to-date specific accessibility checks and checklists. Automatically check every page for reading order, image descriptions, text styling and export tagging.

Help when and where needed

If accessibility issues are found, the user is taken to the exact place on the page as well as an online support site that gives clear explanation and guidance on what needs to change.

GreenLight stamp

When your files pass all the checks in a chosen checklist they get the 'GreenLight' – a report and a stamp of approval is placed into each InDesign document.

Easy Exports

With well prepared InDesign files, export to PDF with InDesign or use CircularFLO to export to better EPUBs with cleaner code, page lists, image descriptions, ARIA roles and accessibility metadata.

A11Y Checks for PRINT, PDF & EPUB.
accessible Fixed-Layout EPUB from InDesign is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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