confidence that all files in your workflow arE made to your Specific Requirements.

Consistent setup

Align computer, user, application and file setup for all users regardless of their location. Including easily applied colour management settings, InDesign preferences and export options.

Custom checks and tools

Always up-to-date specific checks and checklists are applied depending on the publisher and the files being checked. Extra tools to apply changes across multiple images and documents.

Help when and where needed

If issues are found, the user is taken to the exact place on the page as well as an online support site that gives clear explanation and guidance on what needs to change.

GreenLight stamp

When files achieve the GreenLight a visual stamp of approval is placed into each InDesign document and PDF export both visually and in metadata.

Print Ready Final Files

Along with proofs, GreenLight quickly exports any ‘greenlit’ file to consistently structured print ready PDFs along with additional marketing and sales material.

Easy Exports

Create new layered, watermarked and packaged files and exports specifically for translators along with complete sets ready for archive and digital conversion.

Nicola Price
Art Director at Wide Eyed Editions

“GreenLight gives me the confidence that all the files my team work on in-house, or share and receive from freelancers, are set up correctly and print ready, before I send them to production.”

James Evans
Publisher at The Bright Press

“I must confess to having been a touch sceptical about its benefits, but having seen it I’m now fully onboard!”

Tony Seddon
Freelance graphic designer and writer

“I have to say that it’s a very good bit of kit and I’m impressed with what it can do. It’s definitely an enhancement to the production process rather than an extra layer of work.”

Claudia McCue
Author of Real World Print Production

“GreenLight is taking preflight to the next level … in publication groups that need to standardize document creation and avoid costly mistakes. GreenLight goes well beyond InDesign’s built-in preflight.”

Drew McGovern
Punch Bowl Design

“GreenLight has replaced the paper checklist I used to keep by my keyboard. It checks everything I need in one click and makes sure my files fit publisher guidelines.”

James Carey
Director of Publishing Operations, UK at Quarto

"By introducing GreenLight into Quarto’s workflow we have been able to save money at the same time as improving and streamlining how we create and manage our book content."

Why Quarto use GreenLight.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

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