Circular Software Tools

Over one hundred unique Circular Software tools to prepare and improve your documents and help you #InDesignBetter

Circular Software tools are grouped into tool panels which are found in the Tools menu of our desktop Mac apps Tool panels float above other applications so they are present alongside InDesign panels.

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Accessibility Tools

Introduction to Section Labels and Page Markers
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Page markers and page lists
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Auto define reading order
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Manually define reading order
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Amend or clear reading order
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Add section label to active page
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Auto add section labels to pages
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Add / update image descriptions
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Prepare images for description
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Simple Image Descriptions (SIDD) Tool
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Import image descriptions
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Untagged images are decorative
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Add CircularFLO Metadata panel
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Add / amend extra metadata
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Label paragraph export tags
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Remove export tag labels
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Analyse character style tags
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Text Contrast tool
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Animation Tools

Make new Animation Setting
Apply Animation to selection
Add Read Aloud start / stop
Remove Animation from selection

Audio & Video

Add Audiobook panel
Choose Audiobook folder
Set Audiobook metadata
Make FLO AUDIO layer
Add Tap Audio to selection
Preview audio on selection
Make FLO VIDEO layer
Add video attributes

Co-Edition Tools

GreenLight Co-Edition Tools Panel
Delete hidden text items
Duplicate text layer
Lift text wraps to text layer
Text layer text [Black] and overprint
Text layer [Black] objects overprint
Text layer [Paper] text to 1% [Black]
Text [Paper] objects to 1% Black]

Code & Widgets

Check / Relink file paths
Place web code into InDesign
Place widgets into InDesign
Remove widget background
Create & Edit BookWidgets

Document Tools

Add Preferences Panel
Add / Relink external CSS
Change main language
Add Table of Contents Panel
Add Extended Table of Contents
Add Section markers to TOC
Increase Indent
Reduce Indent
Lift live text from base artwork
Convert spreads to wide page
Split up long InDesign document
Make FLO_LIVE_TEXT layer
Make FLO_BASE layer
Unlock all layers and objects

Eprdctn Tools

Mark Read Aloud triggers
Make Image intro Trigger
Apply Triggers to Read Aloud EPUB

Image Tools

GreenLight Image Tools Panel
Slim selected images
Slim all images in document
Swap selected images
Swap all images back to originals
Swap all images back to existing slims
Add / update image descriptions
Prepare images for description
Simple Image Descriptions (SIDD) Tool
Import image descriptions
Untagged images are decorative
Non-anchored objects

MasterPlan LIVE Tools

Place page PDFs into InDesign (MasterPlan)
Place spread PDFs into InDesign (MasterPlan)
Create MasterPlan Package
Upload MasterPlan Package

MasterPlan WORK Tools

Add Alter MasterPlan stamp
Upload current spread
Upload a range of spreads
Upload all spreads
Upload cover
View MasterPlan
Uploading MasterPlan WORK

PDF Tools

Place page PDFs into InDesign
Place spread PDFs into InDesign
Add Hyperlinks to PDF pages

Read Aloud Tools

Read-aloud on images and embedded text
Add / Relink Read Aloud audio
Prepare Read Aloud on selection
Prepare Read Aloud on document
Generate Auto Timestamps
Preview Read Aloud playback
Export Timestamps
Import Timestamps
Adjusting timestamps (-0.5 -0.1 +0.1 +0.5 buttons)
Add background soundtrack
Add silent page turn timings
Attach start / stop to a button
Remove Audio Only rows

Typography Tools

Introduction to the Typography Tools
No Breaks
Forced Line Breaks
Balance Ragged Lines
Widows & Orphans
Extreme word spacing
Remove all soft returns
Clear all text style overrides
Force all caps style to all caps
Make and apply New Styles