Creating Proof PDFs

A composite spread PDF exported to the same profile as the print PDF.

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GreenLight Pro & Custom users can create proof PDFS from any file.

PDFs for proofing can be made using GreenLight at any time. There is no requirement to have a 100% 'greenlit' status in order to export PDFs for proofing.

Proof PDFs are output with all printable layers and as spreads.

Use the (GreenLight Export menu > Create Proof PDFs) and choose the page range to export and click OK.

The chosen spreads are exported by InDesign using the same PDF Preset that GreenLight uses for Print PDFs and are placed in the 'GreenLight_Export' folder on the desktop a folder named 'Proof'.

As Proof PDFs are output as spreads only one PDF is produced for each spread and is named using the book code and the left hand page name.

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