User Pages

Every Circular Software User has their own specific user page on the Circular Software site.

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After signing up as a free Circular Software member, then downloading and registering any Circular Software desktop app, you become a Circular Software User.

Each user of Circular Software has a unique Circular Software ID number which associates them with their Mac.
On every launch of Circular Software this Circular Software ID number, along with system info including the exact versions of Circular Software, Adobe InDesign and macOS, is updated.

As a Circular Software User you have access to your Circular Software User Page, where you can access your version info and find links to updates, to edit you account info, and links to our growing list of step-by-step tutorials. 

A link to your user page is shown in the top navigation bar when logged in to the Circular Software site and from the Help menu of Circular Software desktop apps.

A link to the Circular Software User Page form the Help menu of Circular Software desktop apps

The user page displays the exact version number of each of the Circular Software apps installed by the user.

The version number is confirmed along with links to any recommended updates that are available

Every Circular Software User can also chat with us directly from the buttons at the bottom of the User Page.

Circular Software Users have access to direct chat

CircularFLO users can see a total of newly purchased and unused credits.

GreenLight PRO users can see their subscription period.

When a user is linked to a specific clients, a link to their Client Page is also shown on the User Page.

Users linked to a client have a link to their Client Page at the top of their User Page

Prerelease & Admin users

Admin users for a client or those part of a prerelease group also have access to extra information on their User Page.

Links to prerelease pages are shown for prerelease users