Client pages

Each Circular Software account customer has a dedicated client page on our site.

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Every client that sets up a Circular Software account has a private client page.

A four digit client number is assigned to each client and is supplied to the client main contact person along with a link to the client page.

The client number is used in the URL of the client page[client number]


A link to the credit usage report for Circular Special Edition

The download link for Circular Special Edition is shared on the client page.


One of the key features of GreenLight is that is can be customised for individual clients.

The download link for the GreenLight Custom software build along with links to the publisher specific File Creation knowledge base and extra training information specific to the publisher.

If you are working on behalf of a GreenLight publisher and need to be reminded of the location of the client page please contact us.


MasterPlan publications and users are managed online at[client number]

Live Users

A link to a report showing the Circular Software members assigned to the client is shared on the client page for the client main contact person.