No Breaks

A No Break is used to prevent a word or a phrase from breaking across a line.

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In addition to proper nouns and product names, No Break can also be used for the following:

  • To prevent single-letter words “I” and “A” from occurring at the end of a line.
  • To prevent short words like “An,” “The,” and so on from occurring at the end of a line when they are part of a title, such as The Bell Jar.
  • To keep together numerical expressions like “May 31” or “8 miles,” or phrases like “Chapter 9.”
  • To prevent two or more consecutive lines from starting with the same word.

A No Break can be applied to a selected range of text locally, or as a Character Style. No Breaks can also be applied as a GREP Style.

To troubleshoot text flow problems, it can be helpful to view where No Breaks have been applied.

The Show/Hide No Break tool toggles highlighting to show No Break formatting. The highlights do not print.

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