Show/Hide Hyphens toggles highlighting to show “soft” hyphens at the end of lines.

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Allowing text to hyphenate makes it easier to achieve an even type density, or good “type color.”

If you choose to hyphenate text, finding just the right amount of hyphenation can be a challenge. You want enough hyphenation to prevent bad word spacing (justified text), or uneven line lengths (ragged text), but not so many hyphens that comprehension is compromised.

Show/Hide Hyphens makes it easier for the user to evaluate a document’s hyphenation and — f necessary — adjust the hyphenation settings for a particular Paragraph Style(s). Hyphenation exceptions can also be made to fix problems on a case by case basis with discretionary hyphens, or by adding No Breaks. If appropriate, rewording the content may also fix the issue.

The highlights will not print.

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