Generate Auto Timestamps

Connect to a fully automated service for accurate timing for read aloud ebooks.

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An automatic web service quickly gets accurate timings for the words added to the Read Aloud Panel.

We use a third party web service to achieve this and make a charge by selling access to this service by the minute.

Purchase enough time stamp minutes in advance before using the auto timestamping feature via our purchasing page and a link is also available via the Credits menu in CircularFLO.

The timestamping service is over 5x the speed of the audio so for example a 10 minute audio track is back in under 2 minutes

For best result sound effects and music should be left off the track sent for auto timestamping.

A track with sound effects and music added could then be switched to after the timings ahem been received.

We have integrated with a third party service to provide accurate and fully automated read aloud  timestamping for adding read aloud highlights.

We include fifteen timestamps minutes with every Pro credit purchased and extra timestamps can be purchased by the minute at $2 USD or £2 GBP per minute and are available from our purchase page.