Color Profile Permissions

GreenLight PRO and Custom users may need extra help adding print settings to their Mac.

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In most cases, running step 5 of the GreenLight Set-up & Instalation article will push all the required colour settings to your Mac.

However, if you still see a message about colour settings not being present after completing this, please follow these extra few steps.

  1. In the Mac Finder Go Menu choose 'Go to Folder' and type or paste in this exact line /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles
  2. With the Profiles folder selected, choose Finder File menu > Get Info.
  3. In the Sharing & Permissions section, click the padlock, entering the Mac admin password if required then assign Read & Write privileges to everyone.
  4. Choose to Apply to enclosed items… as shown
The Profiles folder is shown with Reads & Write privileges added for everyone

Return to GreenLight and choose to Add GreenLight settings to your Mac then, finally, restart InDesign when prompted.

You will now be able to return to GreenLight and with the correct colour settings in place.

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