GreenLight Set-up & Installation

Quickly get the GreenLight app and settings up and running on your Mac.

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Some GreenLight Custom users can expect to have GreenLight installed by their internal IT department.

Other InDesign users including suppliers and freelancers that have been invited to use GreenLight Custom please follow these steps to get up and running:

  1. [Download the GreenLight application] to your Mac.
  2. Once downloaded, drag the GreenLight application to your Mac (we suggest your main ‘Applications’ folder but GreenLight will run from anywhere)
  3. You may also wish to drag GreenLight to your Dock
  4. Once GreenLight has been copied to your Mac, double click it to launch for the first time.
  5. [Grant permissions in macOS] for GreenLight to run.
  6. Restart InDesign once before exporting with GreenLight.
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