Add / update image descriptions

Labels overlaid on images and regions show and apply 'alt text' descriptions

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The Add / update image descriptions tool (found in CircularFLO and GreenLight Tools > Accessibility Tools > Image Description) overlays visual labels on the active page or throughout the document to reveal any image descriptions added to images and regions or flag if no description is present.

A page shows an image flagged as 'No Alt Text added'

Edit the text in the label and click Add/update image descriptions tool again to apply the description to the image.

The label border and text is coloured green to indicate when an image description has been applied and a dialog showing a report on the number of described vs. undescribed images and regions is shown.

A page is shown with an overlaid label showing an image description that has been added
Not every image in a publication contains information that is important to understanding the text. Decorative flair might be used to highlight the start of a new chapter, but the shape and form of these visuals is irrelevant to understanding the text. Similarly, a textbook might include decorative photographs to start new sections that are only intended to fill out a page visually. More info on Decorative images DAISY Knowledgebase.

Enter the letter 'D' or the word 'Decorative' and click to mark an image as decorative.

A spread with an eye catching but decorative opening image used for the foreword section

An additional Untagged images are decorative tool quickly marks all untagged images as decorative.

For fixed-layout EPUB descriptions are added as alt tags. For longer and more styled 'extended descriptions' we recommend creating and hyperlinking to another page in the document.

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