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Place page PDFs into InDesign (MasterPlan)

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Bringing existing PDF back into InDesign to work on with Circular Software.

Clhoose to Place page PDFs Into InDesign from either the CircularFLO Tools menu > PDF Tools or MasterPlan LIVE menu or MasterPlan LIVE Tools panel to import one or more PDFs into InDesign.

For multi page PDFs (more than one page together in one PDF file) each page of the PDF is placed into a page in InDesign.

Without a document open, imported PDFs are placed into a newly generated document.

The PDF trim box is measured and the PDFs are placed at trim page size. This means that existing print production PDFs with bleed and trim marks can still be used and only the trim page artwork is used in InDesign and with Circular Sowftare.

If a PDF trim box is not present then the entire page size is used or a smaller trim page size can be manually entered.

Text from placed PDFs is retrieved and can be viewed and edited in the InDesign Script Label panel. Show the Script Label  panel using InDesign Window menu > Utilities > Script Label.

When a document is already open, this same button or command will offer to add chosen PDFs into the existing document giving the option to add to a new layer on-top of existing pages or to add to newly created pages ans the end of the document.

An alternative tool to place spreads PDFs is also available.

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