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MasterPlan layer

Circular Software Layers
MasterPlan creates a separate locked layer of the same name to add a MasterPlan stamp that identifies the client and job by Client Number and Job Number.

Existing or new InDesign documents are associated with a MasterPlan job simply by adding a MasterPlan stamp on a separate layer.
The MasterPlan stamp is a small InDesign object placed onto a locked layer. It identifies the client and the job by the Client Number and Job Number.

A MasterPlan stamp is added to one or all open InDesign documents by:

  1. Choosing the command MasterPlan WORK menu > Add / Alter MasterPlan Stamp.
  2. Choosing a Job Number from the dropdown if offered or otherwise manually entering a Job Number.

The MasterPlan stamp is added to the pasteboard to the left of the first page of an InDesign document. Only one MasterPlan stamp is required per document as it applies to every spread in the entire document.

With no InDesign documents open you can  quickly add a stamp to all InDesign files in a chosen folder by using  the same command MasterPlan WORK menu > Add / Alter MasterPlan Stamp.
MasterPlan Stamps can be added to templates and documents before sending to others and shared with co-workers and freelancers.
There is no requirement to run MasterPlan to open or work on an InDesign document that contains a MasterPlan stamp.

NB: Additional layers created by Circular Software such as ‘MasterPlan’ should be left in the document after they are created as some of them are required by the software for different processes.

However, should it ever become necessary, all of these layers can be removed without damaging the content of the InDesign document itself.

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