Using Kindle Previewer

The free Kindle Previewer 3 app is required for converting to Amazon File formats.

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In order to make files with CircularFLO that are ready for sale with Amazon you will need to download and install Kindle Previewer 3.

It is free to download and use Kindle Previewer 3. The current version for Mac can be found here - Kindle Previewer

CircularFLO automatically uses the Kindle Previewer 3 in the background to convert ebook publications as KF8 for fixed layout and KPF for reflowable ebooks.

For Fixed-Layout a single export with CircularFLO creates both the Fixed-Layout EPUB3 and the Amazon file KF8.This is the best method for Amazon file creation and is a better approach than using the same EPUB export (despite what you may have heard!).

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