Text layer text [Black] and overprint

A GreenLight tool to quickly fix up any text on the TEXT layer of a Co-Edition InDesign file.

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The Text layer text [Black] and overprint tool sets the fill and stroke of text to use the required [Black] swatch and set all text to overprinting.

GreenLight checks can look at the colour and overprint setting of all text on a text layer and reports whether it has been set up to use [Black] and is set to overprint.

Access the tool in the GreenLight Tools menu GreenLight Custom e.g. GreenLight for Quarto Tools or GreenLight PRO Tools > Co-Edition Tools > Text layer text [Black] and overprint

Click the button to run a series pre-loaded find and changes to all text on the TEXT layers.

This tool and other Co-Edition Tools assist the GreenLight user with quick ways to fix up co-edition text on the TEXT layer.

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