Proofing reading order and descriptions

Export a proof PDF with overlaid reading order and image description markers

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The overlaid markers added with Circular Software act as a visual method to add, edit and apply reading order, image descriptions & section markers

To share these makers with coworkers they can be quickly output to a proof PDF using the following PDF settings in InDesign.

Using InDesign File menu > Export choose a name and select to export a Adobe PDF (Print) file in the dialog shown. Then

  1. Set the page range required and typically choose spreads
  2. Choose to export All Layers
  3. Select to output Non-Printing Objects
The recommended PDF settings for exporting reading order and image description markers

The resulting exported PDF showing the reading order and descriptions that are hidden on export with CircularFLO

Tip: If you need to do this often, then use the Save Preset… button to save a preset to select at the top of this dialog next time.

Please get in touch if you would like to see this feature added to MasterPlan.

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