Make FLO LINKS layer

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The Make FLO LINKS layer tool (CircularFLO Tools > Hyperlink Tools > Make FLO LINKS layer).

The size and position of all text frames placed on an InDesign layer named FLO_LINKS will be used to create the tappable hyperlinks in the final eBook. The text content then becomes the destination for the hyperlink.

Hyperlink regions must be rectangular frames but can be rotated if required and background colours can be used to indicate these areas in InDesign, these layers will not appear in the final EPUB.

Be careful to add the destination exactly and avoid using spaces. For URLs we recommend pasting the entire web address include the http:// prefix from a browser.

External hyperlinks and internal 'cross reference' hyperlinks to pages within the ebook are supported for Amazon files. Hyperlinks in Amazon fixed layout files are supported but their operation is dependant on the device used to read the ebook and are not active to test in Kindle Previewer 3 app.

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