Label paragraph export tags

Add visual markers to InDesign paragraphs to show their applied export tags

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The Label paragraph export tags tool (found in CircularFLO and GreenLight Tools > Accessibility Tools > Export Tags and Contrast) adds a visual marker to the left of each paragraph to reveal the export tag applied by the Paragraph style

A page has stripes of colour added to the page taht show that H1, H2, H3 and paragraph export tags applied

A paragraph with a paragraph p tag applied show a stripe of dark blue. Any paragraphs that have export tags set to auto shown a grey stripe.

h1 through to h6 tags are striped with colours of the rainbow. Applied colours can be amended in InDesign by editing their swatches (InDesign Window menu > Colo(u)r > Swatches)

Click the next tool in the Accessibility Tools panel Remove export tag labels to remove these highlight stripes.

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