General metadata

The addition of extra metadata is recommended to help with discovery and accessibility.

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CircularFLO picks up the core metadata added to InDesign files. Beyond that additional metadata including metadata required for EPUB 3.2 accessibility can be added with the CircularFLO Metadata panel.

InDesign metadata such as Document Title, Author and Description can be added using (InDesign File Menu > File Info) and filling in the relevant fields.

Add a CircularFLO Metadata panel with the Add metadata panel button in the CircularFLO Accessibility Tools Panel.

If uploading to a retailer (e.g. Apple or Amazon) or other distributor this information is added when supplying and does NOT need to be present inside the book metadata.

Ebook Metadata

ISBN: If required, add an ISBN number to be stored inside your eBook. Note that an ISBN is not required for EPUB validity.

Subject: If required, add the topic of the resource here.

Publisher: If required, add the name of the Publisher here. This entry can include a person, an organization, or a service.

Extra Metadata: For pro users only and not a requirement! Words added after the = will be add into your eBook as metadata tags. Unwanted fields can be left blank or removed. Add more metadata tags if required using the same dc:tagname=value structure. Only use the /elements/1.1/ namespace fields listed here.

e.g. to add a source to the ebook metadata add a paragraph dc:source=9781234567890 (replacing '9781234567890' the with the title or ISBN).

We are planning tool to ensure only valid entires can be added…

Version Number: If required, add an version number to be stored inside your eBook. Having versioning inside your EPUBs supplied to the Apple Books Store will prompt the user to update their book when an update becomes available.

By declaring just how accessible (or not!) an EPUB file is, we can inform the retailer and reader about the features that the ebook has before purchase or download.

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