EPUB validity with Pagina EPUB-Checker

Automatic validity checking of your EPUBs after export.

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We recommend the installation of the free tool Pagina EPUB-Checker for EPUB validation.

If Pagina EPUB-Checker is present on your Mac then CircularFLO will use this tool to validate your EPUBs as they are created.

A CircularFLO preference allows you to switch off this auto validation if preferred.

As the output is automated there is rarely an issue but the report generated can be useful to guarantee there will be no issues when passed to distributors and retailers but, be warned, the report is rather wordy! Expect to see each font in the EPUB listed for information. Only if there are warnings or errors do we need to investigate further.

When the background of this panel is coloured light green and the last line declares 'EPUB is valid!' we can be certain the EPUB has passed the epubcheck.

A sample Pagina EPUB-Checker report that shows no issues.
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