Embedding and streaming video

External video can be streamed into the using some ebook readers.

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By streaming video, the size of the ebook can be greatly reduced and streamed content can be adapted outside of the ebook.

To link to externally web hosted video place a text frame containing the complete URL to the video on the FLO_VIDEO layer. The position and size of the text frame is used.

YouTube / Vimeo type of hosted video is only supported in certain readers, contact us for more help with this.

m4v video or QuickTime video is recommended, make sure your video links are present in InDesign when running CircularFLO. JPEG poster frames can be attached to videos using the InDesign media panel.

Amazon fixed layout does not currently support audio or video and it is simply removed on conversion.

It is advisable to add images and/or links beneath the audio layers which will be revealed in the Amazon file or when the reader of the EPUB is offline.

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