Draw Hyperlink Regions

Quickly add hyperlink regions to your pages.

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The Draw Hyperlink Regions tool (CircularFLO Tools > Hyperlink Tools > Draw Hyperlink Regions).

With this tool active, drag to add hyperlink regions on top of any areas of the page. When prompted choose the type of URL you wish to add and enter the destination.

  • For eBook page cross references just enter the name of the InDesign you want to link to.
  • For URLs paste full path from a browser.
  • To add phone numbers enter the full phone number including area code.
  • For Email addresses just add the full email address.
  • For twitter messages enter the full tweet (a maximum of 280 characters are allowed) which can included hashtags, user names and web URLs.

Once one hyperlink has been added using the ‘Draw Hyperlink Regions’ tool simply draw another frame to repeat the process or switch tools to finish adding hyperlinks.

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