Downloading CircularFLO

Getting the CircularFLO app installed on your Mac.

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Visit the CircularFLO product page on the Circular Software site and log-in as a member to see the download button.

CircularFLO can be downloaded free of charge after signing up as a member.

A disk image (DMG) is saved to your Mac. Depending on your setup, the DMG may open or you may need to look for a file in your chosen downloads folder called ‘CircularFLO_[versionnumber].dmg’ and double click it to open.

Drag the CircularFLO app to your Mac before launching. We suggest your main Applications folder is a good place for it although CircularFLO can be run from anywhere on your Mac and can be run without the need for an admin password.

Once added to your Mac, double click to launch and choose to add to your dock if you wish.

On launch, CircularFLO will check that you are running the latest version and prompt you if there is an update available.