Data Only Titles

Titles can be added to MasterPlan and Bookshelf for Bonnier without adding content.

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In cases where book content is not ready, available or suitable for adding to Bookshelf for Bonnier, there can still be an advantage in have the title listed.

Adding a 'Data Only' title allows the latest cover and data to appear on Bookshelf for Bonnier, but without the content.

To add a Data Only title:

1. Log-in to MasterPlan as an admin user here to access the Job Maintenance tab

2. Click the Create New Job button towards the top right

3. Set Publication Type to Data Only

4. Enter the ISBN as the Job ID

5. Enter 0 (a single zero) as the MasterPlan Job Number

6. Scroll down and enter Ready to edit as the User Entered info

7. Click Create

After a message that 'Job details successfully saved' is shown, the job in published on Bookshelf for Bonnier and appears in the MasterPlan Job list.

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