Creating Collections

Grouping chosen Bookshelf titles into shareable 'Collections'.

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Collections are our way to make smaller groups of selected Bookshelf titles that are suitable for a particular use e.g. focussed on certain interests, customers, clients or meetings.

Bonnier Bookshelf users can create and manage their own collections and then share them with others using the collection's Bookshelf link.

Presentation Slides featuring the up-to-date covers, featured spreads and the latest Biblio data for each title are grouped together into Collection Presentations that can be presented online and downloaded as a PDF.

Collection Information

New collections are created at

To start to create a collection, fill in the short form with:

  1. Collection Creator - Your Bonnier email address  
  2. Collection Name - The title of the collection to appear in the URL and on the collection page
  3. Collection Description - An optional description to display on the collection page below the Collection Name
  4. ISBNs to include in the collection - Copy and Paste ISBNs the list of lSBNs to include in the order of titles in your collection. A pasted list should only contain the ISBNs and either have each one on a new line (e.g. pasting in from a spreadsheet) or use commas to separate the ISBNs (e.g. from an exported CSV file).

Adding Titles to your New Collection

As well as the option to paste in a list of ISBNs (see step 4 in 'Collection Information' above) titles can be searched and filtered beofre clicking to add to the collection.

  • Enter text to search by ISBN, Title, Author or Illustrator
  • Select to add filters by age ranges, categories and right available

Select titles to add to the collection by clicking on the heart icon.

Titles with a solid heart orange icon are selected and added to the list of currently selected titles at the top of the page.

Once your collection info is added and titles selected, copy this list into the ISBNs to include in the collection field before clicking the Create Collection from chosen titles button to generate the collection.

After a few seconds, your collection is added to Bookshelf and a confirmation email with a link to your generated collection on Bookshelf is sent to you.

Your Collection PDF Presentation is also built and then added to the collection page after a couple of minutes. Access the with the Open PDF Presentation button.

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