Code & Widgets Panel

A panel added to the pasteboard to show information about placed code and widgets.

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Top Level File Path

The complete path to the widget's location or to the primary HTML page for the placed code. Use the Check / Relink file paths tool in the CircularFLO Code & Widgets panel to check links are or to relink to a new file location.


When initially placing the code or widgets file, if any pixel dimension are found they are displayed. If the dimension are not specified then the width and height.

When pixel damsons are found, then scaling will be applied to the placed code and widgets in the resulting ebook. Edit the values in this panel if you wish to alter the scaling amount applied.

When altering the placeholder for the code on the page it is advisable to maintain the proportion of the frame. Tip: Hold the command and shift keys down to maintain the proportions of an InDesign frame when dragging to resize.

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