Circular Software layers in InDesign

Specially made InDesign layers are introduced and used by Circular Software tools and processes.

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As you use Circular Software tools you may notice that extra layers have been created. These layers are a visual way to add extra instructions, indicate areas that have been prepared, or had information added.

Common Circular Software layers may include:

FLO_INFO - to hold additional information including reading order regions and markers and to show and apply image descriptions.

FLO_LINKS - added hyperlink regions and their destinations.

FLO_RA - to hold the the Read Aloud panels that relate to each page or spread.

FLO_BASE - a background layer to simplify the export of objects that are not part of the reading order.

GreenLight - to hold the GreenLight Reports.

MasterPlan - to hold the Applied MasterPlan stamp.

NB: These additional layers should be left in the document after they are created as some of them are relied upon by different Circular Software processes.

However, should it ever become necessary, all of these layers can be removed without damaging the content of the InDesign document.

 InDesign’s Layers panel with an additional GreenLight layer created to hold the document's GreenLight Report
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