GreenLight from Circular Software

GreenLight from Circular Software is a clever Mac desktop tool that allows publishers to set up workflow specific checklists of style and production based rules that are instantly shared with every InDesign user both in and out of house.

Users of GreenLight are encouraged to take responsibility for the files they supply by running the GreenLight desktop app. If issues are found the user is taken to an online support site to give clear explanation and guidance on what needs to change. When files are correct, users can prove this with a GreenLight stamp added to files both visually and to their metadata.

Once the ‘green light status’ is given to the creatives' files the GreenLight tool will then allow the automatic production of print ready PDFs and a set of archive files to the publisher's exact requirements.

Please contact us to arrange a live demo.

David Blatner reports on GreenLight from InDesign Conference - "It's really quite incredible"

Claudia McCue's review in InDesign Magazine - "GreenLight goes well beyond InDesign’s built-in preflight"

Anne-Marie Concepcion on InDesign Secrets Podcast- "GreenLight is kinda cool. It like preflight on steroids."