Ken Jones presented the idea of rebranding EPUB as OMGPUB at Digital Publishing Summit in Paris in June 2019.

This was accompanied by a live demonstration of over thirty interactive features contained in a single valid fixed layout OMGPUB.

Introducing OMGPUB (4m15)
Interactive dots (5m38)
Typing effect (6m00)
Page Layout (6m21)
Text Design (6m55)
SVG fonts (7m17)
SVG Text on a path (7m30)
Scrollable text (8m25)
Scrolling tables (8m55)
Sortable tables (9m23)
MathML (9m36)
Animated GIF (10m02)
Video Animation (10m28)
CSS & SVG Animation (10m56)
JS Animation (11m13)
Multi-state objects (12m00)
Button overlays (12m36)
Image Zooming (13m25)
Video controls (13m55)
Basic Audio (14m19)
Media Overlays (14m51)
Spotify Widgets (15m44)
Sheet music highlighting (16m36)
Interactive slide show (17m48)
Jigsaw puzzle (18m35)
Quiz widget (20m20)
Word search (21m00)
Super Geek League (21m32)
The Owl and the Pussycat (21m57)
Galdo's Gift (22m50)
Panoramic photography (26m06)
EPUB in VR Headset (28m04)
Download source files (29m53)
Contact details (30m50)