BeTter ebooks without coding.

  • Print replica fixed layout ebooks with added interactivity
  • Stylish reflowable ebooks with modern accessibility features
  • Automatic 'read aloud' media overlays and audiobooks
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your Books. On The Web. on Your terms.

  • Securely embed any publications into the sites of your choice
  • Share chosen sample pages and spreads out to social media
  • Fully searchable, structured and accessible
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sHOWCASE Your publications.

  • Your books on your own customised site.
  • Secure. Searchable. Up-to-date.
  • The modern solution for catalogues, BLADs and bookfairs.
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Better InDesign files and exports.

  • Correct, complete & consistent InDesign files every time
  • Publisher specific workflow checks and tools
  • Common settings & exports for coworkers and freelancers
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Trusted by major Publishers.

USED to produce thousands of print books & Ebooks.

Berenice Smith
Hello Lovely design

"CircularFLO enabled me to quickly produce a fixed format ebook from a complicated design for a client at short notice. It saved me time and was really easy to use.“

Chad Chelius
Adobe Certified Instructor

"MasterPlan offers us a secure new way to present, search and share publications online."

James Carey
Director of Publishing
Operations, UK at Quarto

"By introducing GreenLight into Quarto’s workflow we have been able to save money at the same time as improving and streamlining how we create and manage our book content."

Mike Rankin
Editor in Chief of
InDesign Magazine

MasterPlan from Circular Software is a truly robust solution for digital publishing.”

William Fallon
UX Architect & Designer

“I can honestly say I think CircularFLO is an absolutely great product.”

Nicola Price
Art Director at Wide Eyed Editions

GreenLight gives me the confidence that all the files my team work on in-house, or share and receive from freelancers, are set up correctly and print ready, before I send them to production.”

Salvo Lavis
Spitball Studio

“We owe a lot to CircularFLO. It enabled our transition from InDesign layout to a solid ePub and Kindle file.”

Keith Gilbert
Consultant. Educator. Speaker. Author.

“I really like MasterPlan … A game-changer for publishers!”

Anne-Marie Concepción
CreativePro Network

“I wouldn’t hesitate to use CircularFLO for my next fixed-layout EPUB project.”

Leonora Bulbeck
Usborne Publishing

"Adding audio hotspots using CircularFLO was a piece of cake so thank you very much"

Tina Henderson
Expert typesetter,
production artist, designer

“I was sure CircularFLO was the right choice for my photobook, and I was not disappointed. Placing my web code (Hype animation) was easy: just a few simple clicks. And superb customer service!”

Allan Davidson
Broomstick Productions

CircularFLO does exactly what it says it will quickly, accurately and effortlessly. We had our first  eBook on sale with Amazon and Google within 24 hours of discovering CircularFLO!”

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