Circular Software Services

Circular Software offers software services for publishers

As well as creating bespoke apps and tools to achieve specific publishing tasks we can also be hired to run our tools or to use other publishing applications on your behalf.

Sometimes a technical publishing task can only be automated so far and then it requires an actual human to step in. We can help there.

Contact us, if we are unable do it ourselves, we can usually match your job with someone who has the right blend of skills and experience.

We only use people that we already know from the UK and US publishing industry, who have attention to detail and that we rate highly.

Services offered include:

  • Fixed Layout ebook conversions
  • Read-Aloud ebook conversions
  • Audiobooks conversions
  • MasterPlan preparations and uploads
  • Web site graphics automation
  • InDesign artworking & template preparation
  • PDF creation and preflighting
"Ken Jones from Circular Software worked with us closely as Technical Supervisor to advise and develop our hand crafted digital book Galdo’s Gift and we count ourselves very lucky that he did. We were only able to break new ground in EPUB with his industry insight, technical know-how, good humour and dedication. We look forward to working with him on many future innovations."

Trevor Young - Tapocketa