Circular Software Purchase Policy

Please note for the Purchase Policy to our CircularFLO app please click here

License Restrictions

Every user has license to download and run Circular Software apps and the full ownership of all files generated by Circular Software apps is granted to the user with the following exceptions: • Employees of Adobe Systems Incorporated are not permitted to use Circular Software products • Members of the Adobe Prerelease user community are not permitted to share files generated by Circular Software products with employees of Adobe Systems Incorporated or to share screenshots of Circular Software products on the Adobe Prerelease user community site.
If you are working for Adobe and would like to benefit from the R&D carried out by Circular Software please contact us.


All Circular Software application runs in trial mode free of charge. You can install the product on as many computers as desired.
For MasterPlan from Circular Software and GreenLight from Circular Software we restrict the free trial use for web users to seven days after which we require you to contact us to extend your trial or to start a subscription to continue use.

Minimum System Requirements

Circular Software desktop apps are Mac only application and requires the Adobe InDesign CS6 or later. Adobe offer a 30 day free trial of InDesign and also now offer low monthly subscriptions from $20.


MasterPlan from Circular Software and GreenLight from Circular Software are both offered as a subscription service. Users subscribe and pay for a chosen number of months of years in advance. Each Mac is issued with a unique ID number which is entered at the time of subscription. Once subscription is made the unique ID number is allowed to use the software for the period of the subscription. For larger customers an Admin User can manage subscriptions for several users on their behalf.

Our Upgrade Policy

All existing users of a specific product version will receive free updates to updates in the future.

Credit card information security

We use Stripe for all credit card transactions and your purchases are protected by Stripe’s policies. See

Refund policy

We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind, or make a wrong decision. Please ensure you take the opportunity to review our free trial version and/or samples in order to assess the suitability of the software to your requirements. You should make a purchasing decision once you’re comfortable with the Software.